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Business Growth & Innovation

Interested in growing your business? We’ll help identify strategies for growth, from working with you to identify new customers and new markets for your existing products and services, to supporting innovation for service and product development. We will facilitate market viability assessments and connect you with tools and resources for product design, development and commercialization.

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5 Things to Consider

Do you ever find yourself thinking: 
• Why is it so hard to meet our revenue numbers?
• Why aren’t we meeting our sales goals?
• Have we stopped growing? Our business seems flat.
• Shouldn’t more people know about our company and what we can do for them?
• I’m not sure I know how we stack up to others in our industry
• I have a better product; why are my competitors ahead of me?
• I’ve got a great group of really smart people. Why can’t we become a team?
• I need better data on my company to make decisions, and get my team aligned.
• My company depends on me to be at my best every day; I can’t take a real vacation.
• I seem to be working more hours and don’t have any progress to show for it.
• I’d like to be spending more time with my family.
Motivating and Exciting. The focus of our assessment is on operations, not financials, with lots of client interaction. That’s why clients like you love it!  The actionable plan helps keep you vested in the process, tracking your progress, providing tangible milestones and the return on your investment for the work we do.
ROI based  – What Can You Expect?
This process has increased value by over $7 billion for the companies that have used it –the average company has grown by 27%.
The assessment shows the holes in your operations–we do not even engage unless we can SHOW you a greater return than the cost.
We generate a complete list of actionable recommendations – each item calculates an associated ROI.  Then we pick the area with the greatest potential ROI and getstarted.
On average, you should get a 10x return for your dollars spent.